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Inner Strength

Many find great benefits from the empathetic and nonjudgemental support of a trained professional to help them through some of the most difficult times they may face in life. You are not alone. Here at Inner Strength we are devoted to helping you connect to your truth to develop a deeper knowledge of yourself; build stronger relational bonds, improve communication challenges, and overcome the crisis - awakening the warrior within you

Our approach to therapy is a collaborative approach with our clients. We provide individual, couples, and family therapy for those seeking to increase self-awareness, insight into one’s patterns both with ourselves and with others.

Narkesia Swanigan, LMFT

Founder | Executive Director

There is an innate ability that lies within each one of us that equips us with the necessary tools to make it through obstacles we experience in life. You have it within yourself to face life’s challenges. Our mission at Inner Strength is to walk alongside you to increase self-awareness, facilitate your self-discovery and help you to be triumphant in your journey. You possess the power to solve the most difficult of moments with the strength that can be found within YOU.


You may be facing a life transition or coping with difficult circumstances. We are here to support you as you navigate these situations and discover what truly matters in your life. We are compassionate therapists who provide empathy and support. Our mission is to encourage you to open yourself to the healing that comes from looking within yourself and telling your truth. We are committed to helping individuals find solutions that work for their individual circumstances.


We are committed to helping you grow together as a couple. We are encouraging of trust and build safety in your relationship as we explore the areas that are most crucial to your relationship. Whether you just want to further the bond between you and the one you love or if you find yourselves in a crisis, we love to help couples go from surviving to thriving.


Comprehensive, confidential family counseling will help your family develop new tools and skills to cope with current struggles. By utilizing the innate strength of their relationships, our therapists can support the family as they become responsible for resolving both old and new conflicts. Participants will also benefit from further emotional or psychological screenings as deemed appropriate before or during this time period for their needs. 

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